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Business English Case Studies On Pedder

Business English Case Studies On Pedder Introduction

Business English Case Studies On Pedder. Interactions with other people are a necessary part of both our personal and professional lives. Every time you offer your services to a customer, you are engaged in a customer service interaction. This applies to both paying and non-paying customers. There is a skill in handling this interaction and the better you are at it, the more you will get out of this interaction and the subsequent dealings you may have with this customer. Hence, customer service skills are a critical set of skills to master in life.

In the highly competitive fashion boutique industry there is one particular retailer that stands out not only for the high quality products it sells but also for its remarkable staff.   On Pedder is Asia’s foremost source of designer footwear, handbags, fine jewelry and fashion accessories. What makes On Pedder unique is that coveted designers are presented alongside exclusive products, unique collaborations and regular pop-up exhibitions..

Business English Case Studies On Pedder Overview

When On Pedder decided its staff needed to fine tune their English skills to remain at the front of the highly competitive fashion retail industry, they turned to English Today.  English Today boasts not only Jakarta’s best English training but also has teachers who are specialists in customer service training.  Students therefore receive not only quality English training but are also taught:

  • The four different customer types and how to get them to respond to your sales style.
  • Handling customers through different communication channels (in person, telephone, e-mails)
  • How to present product benefits and features in a way that appeal to clients.
  • Open and closed questions and how and when to use them with customers.
  • The magic formula to use when dealing with customer complaints.
Teacher Joe

Business English Case Studies On Pedder

Basic Teacher Profile

Language acquisition and development has always fascinated me which was why I pursued a career in language teaching. For the past 10 years I have pursued my passion in the research and the development of effective language learning programs and material design. My 18 years of experience in the EFL industry, working with a wide variety of different industries and with an extremely diverse student base, has provided me with valuable knowledge of how companies within specific industries operate and the communication skills needed by their employees. This has assisted me greatly in developing programs and materials that suit specific company needs and individual learning styles.

An Interview with Joe

What was your first impression of the Traveloka staff?

As soon as I meet them I knew that I had a great group of participants who were proud of their company’s services, very concerned with providing quality service to their customers, and motivated to learn. I was excited to teach them.

How do you approach a company like this?

Ah that’s where experience comes in. I have been teaching business English for about 10 years and the key to knowing how to approach a company is knowing how to interest the staff so that you bring out their best.

How do you know what you are going to teach them?

There’s no point teaching formulas and grammatical functions they are never going to use and which will only confuse them. Confused students are unconfident students and unconfident students will never use what they have been taught. We further address this situation by giving them real-world English in an immersive environment that is both supportive and fun. With a company like On Pedder it was obvious that their primary need was focused on staff-customer communications. What would be the point in teaching them academic essay writing?

Do you feel the On Pedder staff enjoyed your course?

Oh absolutely! When you see the staff coming to class on their days off, not because they are being forced to but because they want to, you know you must be doing something right.

Why did On Pedder choose English Today?

Vision and passion! They would be the first words that come to mind. You cannot really compare English Today to other training providers. I mean this company ensures all of its teachers eat and breathe English.

Course Overview

The English course taught to the staff of On Pedder aimed to not only increase their already existing knowledge of the language but also to provide a strong boost to their English speaking confidence.  The course relied on a mix of conversational and grammatical lessons where each of the points was presented in a real-world immersive environment.  The course objectives were as follows:

  • Students were able to differentiate between formal and informal English.
  • Students were able to greet customers and quickly understand needs.
  • Students were able to improve their writing for internal company communications.
  • Students were able to handle customer complaints in an efficient and professional manner.
  • Students were able to understand English speakers from a variety of countries (even non-native).
  • Students were able to communicate with customers via e-mail and telephone.

Course Objectives

It is one thing to promise a good course but quite another to see real results.  The On Pedder staff showed almost immediate improvement in their customer service skills and their confidence in English improved so much that customers commented on their excellent language skills.  For me, as their teacher and facilitator, it was a great honour to have assisted such a wonderful group of people in their professional life and to have contributed to On Pedder’s customer service growth in Jakarta.

At English Today, we are interested in providing companies complete holistic training.  We know that English is best learned when used together with real life needs.  We understand that the focus should always be real-world, not theory and formulas your staff will never use or need.

  • Providing a fun and immersive environment.
  • Providing only real-world English, instead of formulas and theories his students will never use.
  • Providing a confidence-building atmosphere based on conversation and real examples.
  • Instructive games that stimulate real learning, rather than dry text-book teaching.

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